Sunday, 11 May 2008

Childhood Sweethearts

You see me in a new hue.

Not a child,
No more your sweetheart,
The one you loved to flaunt.
Your trophy girl,
Of childhood fantasies,
She has now-
Into me.

After a gap, as we meet again,
I don't rush into your arms-
The strong arms of the third grader,
Who would beat to pulp, the Bully Ben,
Who'd often steal my Scooby Doo Eraser,
It seems like yesterday. The fights,
And the detentions, the lines we had to write,
And the tears your shirt soaked in-

As I look into your eyes,
I still find the softest brown hue.
And I still notice the way your eyes crinkle,
When you smile your dimpled smile.
Yet, I do not rush into your arms,
Nor do you tuck me into yourself-
Wonder why?

I see you in a new hue.

No longer the brown eyed
First ever guy of of mine.
Tall and enigmatic,
Sharing the love still-
You stand,
In awe.

Together, my first girl?
You ask.
Nodding in joy,
I wait-
For the first step,
To each other.

Gently, a step forward-
Then another.

I just cant hold myself back-
It seems forever.
Rushing in, I hold onto you,
And looking up, into your eyes-
I smile,
It feels the same.

Yes, it feels just the same,
After all these years.

The brown jersey of yours,
Still reminds me of the candy I have spilled,
All over you.

The punch on my arm,
Reminds me of the first fight,
We had; for the marbles, I didn't share.

And the fresh drop of tear,
Reminds me of that fresh winter morn,
When I woke up, in a new place,
Far, so far away.

And today,
As I see you once again,
I know-
That heart can never stop loving me,
In any hue, any shade, I be.

The Music, of You!!!

And, the music echoes-

My soul beats in sync,
As I melt,
Into oblivion.

Beats that hit
Notes vague,
You tell me.

You look over at me,
Question in your eyes-
Of the music,
That I speak of,
But you don't hear?


...Just listen.

Do you feel the vibrations,
That jitter through
Your skin?
The goose flesh,
When our skin graze,
Against each other,
Can't you but feel?

Still, you don't?


Close your eyes,
And let your mind at ease-
Let me dance,
To the euphony of our love.

Tripping the light fantastic
I heel a dance-
My fingers dancing over your skin,
Soft as feather,
I touch,
And you squirm with pleasure,
Don't you?



Don't your hear the music,
The susurration,
Of sharing ourselves?

Now can you
The gentle peals,
In every inch,
Of me?

The Music, of You...!!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I Wept for the Clouds...

The clouds romped
A fiery dance.
Dressed in ashen robes,
They swayed,
Heeling that jiving dance-
Hail o' Hail.

The music turned loud,
Or was it my soul
Echoing the notes,
I do not but know.

Raving clouds,
Jitterbugs ever so naive,
The music unheard,
Yet the terror,
(Yes, I did say terror)
Seemed to lurk,
In there.
(Heavy, on my heart,
It stays)

A throttle,
I step out into the open,
Watching over-
The darkened sky,
And the busker cloud.

The dancing clouds,
I called out, loud-
Waiting for the downpour.

The symphony had a sudden stop-
And I heard rumples,
Short jittery nuances,
All over me,
A reign.

I stood, the ashen silence
Sinking in;
Soul dry, thirsty-
I waited,
For the clouds to rain away.

The droplets, I could feel-
Dancing its way down,
All the way down.

Eyes shut,
I savored the glissade,
Of the rain drops,
Over my cheeks,
Dripping wet.

The droplets warm,
I opened my eyes to see
The clouds straying away.
The curtains had fallen-
After the show.

And as I look up,
I find the molten droplets-
A freeze.
Leaving me barren-
Yet wet.

I wept for the clouds,
That failed to rain-
I wept for the tears,
That eased to pour.
And I wept for the me,
Betrayed by the rain clouds.

Curdled dream

In the dainty darkness,
I sit.
Melting away,
Into the
Of thoughts.

The stream of light,
Peeping in,
It carried towards me,
A beam-
Of stardust.

In the quiescent core,
Of desires,
I nurtured a dream.
Watered by my love,
It thrives.

It aches to sprout,
And leave the warm nest,
Yet, thwarted-
It wanes.

The dusk sets in,
My dream merging in-
A mold, set-
A dream bound,
And structured fresh,
Yet vacuous.

Dripping in,
I sit-
Finding breath.

And the dainty darkness,
Once again sucks me in-
A vortex,
Where I spin,
And weave
Out, and in-

A curdled dream,
Yet again.

It does hurt, slightly so...
...each time, over and over again.

The Night Thief


...she tip-toed in.

Eyes closed tight,
I pretended to sleep.
A snore too-
To add to the effect.

Sneaking view,
I tried to gather.

Rumbling of the sheets,
And throaty murmurs
Slurping fingers,
And delicious sighs.

The silken darkness,
And yet, her silhouette shone.

Finally, done,
Gently she peeked over,
To watch me sleep.
The empty chocolate wrappers
Thrown away,
And purring,
She cuddled close to me.

Ah! How I love my night thief wife,
Sneaking away for cravings divine!!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Beautiful Maggot

Lithe, her body crawls,
Into the realm of lusty desire.
Each curve,
Sensuous and alluring.

She dribbles,
Her charming slime,
A trail of her magic.

Debris her ground,
And nurtured,
By necrotic fantasies,
She shines,
Gleaming brilliance.

And then, as a new dawn cracks,
She erupts into a new life-
Glowing embers of her eyes,
And dazzling brilliance of her wings-

She flutters open, her magical wings,
To soar high.

Beautiful maggot, lost-
To a beautiful winged new life.

Sweet Nothings!!

They sat, on a wooden bench,
At the park.
The dusk beginning to add the blush,
To her cheeks.
He held her gaze, in his,
Eyes jiving in deep,
An epic in itself, to share.

The wind puffed a tad too strong,
Her dark tresses gave a toss,
Swaying in the breeze.

She tried to hold them back,
Neatly into a bun.
He caught her arm, off the sudden-
"Let it be, it looks nice"
He whispered, still apprehensive.
Blushing beet,
She looked away,
As though watching the little kids play,
Smiling in sheer delight.

He wanted to hold her hand,
And speak his heart out.
He wished to capture the moment,
In his soul,
Yet longing for more.

The dusk settled itself, dark and cozy-
Inviting the love,
To dance itself, again.
She turned to look into his eyes,
Ever so coy, she smiled.

His heart gave a leap,
Jack hammering against himself.
Gently, he touched her hand,
Petal soft.
She pulled her hand away,
Giggling so very hard.
He smiled-
As though to himself-
Dainty damsel,
He uttered, in sheer delight.

Standing next to him,
She smiled,
And waved a sweet goodbye,
Her eyes sharing her promise,
To be back.
She murmured,
And, she walked away.

He sat there till the night turned shiny,
And the rains began to pour down-
And as realization dawned,
He held his walking stick out,
And walked on.

Turning back, to wave
Goodbye to the wooden bench,
He smiled.

"Your sweet nothings keep me alive..."


Pierce open my chest,
And drink the blood that gushes,
And tell me-
Does it taste the same,
As the milk you drank,
Eons ago?

God, forgive my son-
For today,
He has grown out of sin-

Instead, into the deepest pit,
Of vermin-
He has fallen.

No Respite-
He deserves none,
I know.

Yet, forgive him o' Lord-
A mother's heart can never condemn,
Never ever snuff out,
Her flesh.


Thursday, 1 May 2008


I cannot even utter.

I remember the time,
When need had been the beacon,
Leading me over.

And promises I had made, to myself,
To fly off, when healed, i am,
In the long run.

Not to stay back when need gets run,
By a want ever so compelling,
An enormous force.

And falling back on my words,
I know-

Need has given way to want-
And want might run over to the inevitable.
And that would mean-

The end,
Of existence-
In its purest state.

And so, though I need to say adieu;
I say, no adieu-
Just, So Long...

Adieu is never So Long, is it?

You are my Muse...

You are my Muse...

Those Words that dribble,
Off my Soul,
Strung together, they make a muse-
The Muse of my Life.

My quill dipped in life's ink.
At loggerheads, the events-
A racy path, it trailed.
Drunken desires soared,
At a time when I stood,
All alone.

On that bright spring morn,
As I felt you shine-
Dreams erupted in me,
And with a sigh, I knew-
Spring has indeed rushed in.

Of togetherness,
And of endless love,
Wool gathered-
Ah! My verse.

Glimpses into You,
My quill sketching a portrait-
Everything seems a fantasy,
Long bygone.

The quill, bleeding still,
I take the parchment same,
To try and fill the rest.
Of losing and not finding,
Of the hurt, and the pain,
The living and the loving.
You and Me-

Done, I tell my quill too-
But it doesn't budge.
Spluttering the ink,
It twitters-

I wonder, if it yearns to tell me something?

Maybe, Yes-
I need to add one more expression,
In my parchment.

Ah! You are my Muse, half-done...

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