Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I Wept for the Clouds...

The clouds romped
A fiery dance.
Dressed in ashen robes,
They swayed,
Heeling that jiving dance-
Hail o' Hail.

The music turned loud,
Or was it my soul
Echoing the notes,
I do not but know.

Raving clouds,
Jitterbugs ever so naive,
The music unheard,
Yet the terror,
(Yes, I did say terror)
Seemed to lurk,
In there.
(Heavy, on my heart,
It stays)

A throttle,
I step out into the open,
Watching over-
The darkened sky,
And the busker cloud.

The dancing clouds,
I called out, loud-
Waiting for the downpour.

The symphony had a sudden stop-
And I heard rumples,
Short jittery nuances,
All over me,
A reign.

I stood, the ashen silence
Sinking in;
Soul dry, thirsty-
I waited,
For the clouds to rain away.

The droplets, I could feel-
Dancing its way down,
All the way down.

Eyes shut,
I savored the glissade,
Of the rain drops,
Over my cheeks,
Dripping wet.

The droplets warm,
I opened my eyes to see
The clouds straying away.
The curtains had fallen-
After the show.

And as I look up,
I find the molten droplets-
A freeze.
Leaving me barren-
Yet wet.

I wept for the clouds,
That failed to rain-
I wept for the tears,
That eased to pour.
And I wept for the me,
Betrayed by the rain clouds.

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