Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Curdled dream

In the dainty darkness,
I sit.
Melting away,
Into the
Of thoughts.

The stream of light,
Peeping in,
It carried towards me,
A beam-
Of stardust.

In the quiescent core,
Of desires,
I nurtured a dream.
Watered by my love,
It thrives.

It aches to sprout,
And leave the warm nest,
Yet, thwarted-
It wanes.

The dusk sets in,
My dream merging in-
A mold, set-
A dream bound,
And structured fresh,
Yet vacuous.

Dripping in,
I sit-
Finding breath.

And the dainty darkness,
Once again sucks me in-
A vortex,
Where I spin,
And weave
Out, and in-

A curdled dream,
Yet again.

It does hurt, slightly so...
...each time, over and over again.

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