Friday, 29 June 2007

Dried palette

I held a chart of paper, a canvas,
White as snow, as smooth as silk,
I found the two sides ever so same,
No print or feel, to distinguish the fair!

I looked on deep, senses sharp,
Wondering where to stroke my brush,
The canvas was all ready to be set,
Yet, I didn't know the fair side to paint on!

A palette of colour, ready to splash,
Images galore, ready to transform,
Into pieces of art, deep from my soul,
Born with wings, to each one, a new image!

Time flicks by, as if in a daze, a race,
And, I still remain, ever so wonder struck,
Where do I touch my brush of colours,
Where do I find the clue to perfection..?

My silken touch, artistic a blend, so pure,
Cartwheel of time spins ahead, yet again,
And, I realize, I could paint either sides,
The canvas, i finally saw, in a new light!

To dip my brush onto the colours, vivid,
I chose the ink of life, green as the sprouts,
Touching the brush so special, into the green,
I realise with a pang, the paint ever so dry!

Waiting to clear off the many mundane thoughts,
I lost the beautiful images in my soul, the colours...
One long wait... and I lost it all... lost all hues, all shades,
I lost the one stroke of brilliance, that could have been...


night has arrived,all smiles
cloaked in the velvety dark
sleep hasn't lured me yet
for i'm still with my thoughts...

a canvas so fresh before me
i grab my crayon black- one stroke...

-your hair jet black,messy too
wet ever,water splashed every hour!

-the long face,ever smiling into me
touching deep into my soul every time!

-the naughty eyes that hypnotise me
twinkling in joy everytime i blush!

-the sharp nose, i love to kiss away
and there feels no greater intimacy ever!

- the lips so soft,cold yet warm
touching mine,trembling and then all yours!

-the stubble of yours that tickle me
every time you try to nuzzle me close! image so fresh,fixed in my soul
a silhouette that would never fade in me

eyes closed,i move across the canvas
strokes of love,the crayon sketches away
touches of time may fade my lines
yet ever faint,the lines of love would forever remain!

O' love!

'love opens new vistas
before our eyes'
and "love means never
having to say sorry'
and 'love is blind':
-notes from famous literature;
is this indeed what love really is?

love is a feeling
so joyous at times
yet breaking hearts
many a time,o' love...

love can brighten up lives
a million springs at once
love can be the starry nights
soothing our souls in delight...

love,love o' love!
poets and artists love it so
neither young nor old
can evade it for long...

yet i wonder why
i find my love different
i wonder why my days
remain the same ever
no springs,no starlit nights
for me, love o' love
is just "you",my love!!!

rain of tears!

rains! droplets of love
befalling on us from above
cleansing the air, the scents
falling away, dripping by...

tears! droplets of pain
befalling from our eyes clear
cleansing the pain, the hurt
falling down, soothing away...

rains! heavy showers
on the scorched desert lands
heavenly drops, innervating life
spreading away, the aroma of life...

tears! silent downpours
from a bleeding heart, deserted
drops of memories, lost forever
washing away, the prints of life...

rains! a fresh summer rain
calming, refreshing, once again a rain!
tears! a final mourning cry
soothing, cleansing the hurt, to live again!

wicked hands

the very first time
i saw the hands huge
creepy a feel swept in me
fidgeting away,ten fingers
two hands entwined!

wicked hands!
the phrase struck me
out of my mouth it fell
before i could exert control
startling you,and myself too!

surprise mingled with dislike
did i glimpse in your eyes!
time flicked my and so soon
i forgot about those wicked hands
hands i longed to hold onto,all my life!

today as i hold your hand onto mine
i find it ever so loving,and all mine
the hand of faith,the hand of love
entwined with my little fingers
it fits perfect-the last piece of my jigsaw!

hat full...

i fetched a hat
and ran into the rains
i filled my hat to the very full
with every drop that fell!

the hat did leak a few drops
yet filling itself to the brim
looking up,i held the hat
above my head,pouring it down!

water splashed all over me
a rain of rain,in the rain
and i threw away the hat
a hat once all mine,thrown away!

walking back,away from the rain
my heart ever so light for a while
i turn back and find no hat
and my heart seem to ache,yet again..o'why?????

Sunday, 17 June 2007


came into my life
as a gentle breeze
warming my tender soul
cooling my skin soft
and today,i go back
to the sweet memories
we shared in joy
and then you left me
numb and cold,still
you flew away from me
to some unknown paradise
time has passed by
yet i miss you still,this day
for i still feel you in me
the giggles resonating
the smiles contagious
the love evergreen
and today as i sift through
the pages of my life
its filled with memories
yet empty,missing my magic

Thursday, 14 June 2007

O! Rain!

humming a new tune to myself
walking away,a dream in my eyes
rainbow of emotions welling in me
i walk on,a leisurely stroll,i walk on

the breeze gave a strong puff
blowing hard,my hair flying all over
the sun hid for cover,i wonder why?
looking up at the dark clouds,i walk on

a drop of rain,heavenly rain
dropped onto my face,tickling me
i stood there in a trance,all gay
raindrops falling,cooling my skin

the rain gained its vigour anew
lashing on to me,cleansing the air
i wondered for the first ever time
o! rain! what do you long to be?

i looked around,found your smile
greenish shine,on the leafy tops
a beauty,the sprouting fresh green
o! rain! is it luscious green you long to be?

looking up i could see the skies blue
playing hide n seek with the dark clouds
blue the world would be,devoid of you
o! rain! is it pale sky blue you long to be?

walking along,i found you red and gold
the blossoms anew all over the lands
basking in the crimson of the flowers
o! rain! is it crimson red you long to be?

plop plop,you befall onto the placid lake
ripples many,a gyrating dream so fresh
crystal clear water flowing away so smooth
o! rain! is it the crystal white you long to be?

merry songs of kids,so full of life,walking ahead
the little droplets on their darkest of tresses
the shiny black you reflect as gleaming dark
o! rain! is it ebony black you long to be?

glancing around in utmost awe
i realise your selfless love,so dear
no shade,no hues on your own
yet so full of vivid colours,you do shine

o! rain! i now realise so lucid and stark
an ode of selfless love is what you long to be
green or blue;white or black;be it any hue
all shades are enhanced,glowing in your love!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

"and today,i dont miss you..."

the white tall fence,and all around, liliies new,so very tender
the little tree house i dreamt to have,each night before my sleep

the cozy satin bed spreads of yours, i always envied to have
everynight i made up a new reason to sleep along,sharing blankets

i didnt know why i couldnt sleep with you,my parents dear
i wondered what secrets did you share,without me by your side

often i'd wake up before the break of dawn,waiting,waiting
and i'd run to you the moment i hear voices in the hall,morn blessed

scared of dark,i weren't; for i loved the darkness cozy
creaking doors i longed your room to have,to wake me up

dressed up for school i'd be near the car,waiting for a ride
yet everytime,i find you speed away,with a wave so forlorn

walking back home,tears well in me,but never did i cry
remembering words once said to me "pretty girls never do cry"

hours at school,joys anew, learning and teaching,i do
the clock ticks by, there'd be my car ,empty and barren,to take me

evenings in the garden,i'd smell each blossom,count every berry
running to you at night,you smile,before locking the doors,your naptime

time flew by,my thoughts matured;no longer i tried to surpirise you
wonder if you ever noticed,you rarely found me near the car,never near by

years ahead,i over-heard a hushed conversation,of sending me away
once again i wondered in silence, the same old eerie silence of my life

going away,a pain;being near added to the despair,of being negected
even shadows vowed never to cross ways,and i learnt to live,for once

today as i walk back along the gardens i spoke all my dreams,my fears
the white fence half faded,yet so fresh in my memories bitter-sweet

the doors that hid me,waiting to spring a surprise when you passed by
the long corridors and the lavishly decorated hall,only voices ever,mine

i find you smiling,welcoming me into your arms,pampering me with your love
and you ask me gently a question "being away,did you ever miss us,dear one?"

and i just smile at you, looking out of the windows i often peeked through,waiting
and i sigh to myself "you'd never ever know and today,i dont miss you..."

loving you today

loving you today
-so like a new dawn
full of pure freshness ever

loving you today
-so like a tender breeze
cooling me deep down

loving you today
-so like the brightest sunbeam
warming my fairest skin

loving you today
-so like a dream too dear
once lost,revived off the sudden

loving you today
-it feels so natural,so smooth
i feel it is forever meant to be

loving you today
-i try to erase the memories of yesterdays
hanging deep onto me,gripping me

loving you today
-i wish to hover above the memories lost
to open up myself to your world afresh

loving you today
-i wish to let you peep in, so deep
into my soul,no veils hiding me,so pure

loving you today
-i wish to let you dwell in me,my reveries
to skim through my past,my present

loving you today
-i long to kiss away the scars
to love you just the way you are

loving you today
-am glad,more than ever
to have found a love so dear

loving you today
-i've realised i can be loved the way i am
i've learnt to love myself,yet again

and,loving you today
-i've found the last piece of the jigsaw
i've rediscovered myself in your eyes

Sunday, 10 June 2007

amour de vous... (loving you...)

sleeping safe,
oblivious to the world so bright

lips crinkled at the corners,lovely

my love,
for the past many decades together

we have shared aplenty in glee

kissed away with our love so strong

which made us move away,never for long

did we give up on ourselves anytime

our love,
meant more than you or me

as i look at your gentle face

a face,
i have loved to look at,forever

my soul,
seems to choke in deep pain

a fresh pain,
everytime our memories flash by

at the gentle curls,kissing your eyes

a love,
so pure flowing over to you,from me

a new dawn,
and i shudder to think of the day

waking up,
you'd stare at me,trying hard to remember

a stranger,
you try to decipher my identity,yet again

i tell you as every day,am your love

look at me,a cold blank stare,killing me

wiped off from your mind,you try to smile

holding you,
i take you around our house so dear

you look,
around in a daze,our home seems new

your only feeling true,for you stare away

trying hard,
to look at me,at our bed,the coffee table

you stare away once again,as every day

i try,
to hold back my tears,feeling a hollow

yet i stay,
near you,telling you how much i love you

sweet memories of ours in your ears

like a tender baby,you hold my hands

you close to me,stroking your lovely locks

we walk on,
everytime i look at you,i find my love

beneath the dark shield of dementia

my love,
your presence can fill me with a love pure

a thousand lives,
i can spend with you as a nameless face

no yesterdays,
but we have our todays so dear and sweet

maybe no tomorrows,
yet am glad to wake up to life,by your side

loving you,
i am fulfilled,my love,my child,i love you so

blessed i am,
to love you new,rediscovering our love everyday

amour de vous,
loving you,just loving you...

Saturday, 9 June 2007

nature -(cinquain style of poetry)


ah!sheer beauty...

nurturing souls in glee...

a selfless love overflowing...


a silent tease

tender thy gaze
i feel so shy
warm embrace
with just eyes
i find the depth
sucking me
into the whirlpool
emotions many
swirling in me
is it right
or am i wrong?
conflicts in me
held me safe
i longed to wait
till i get sure
hurrying away
into no where
i dont want to
lose it all,this day-
alas! wish it was true!

sitting across
i can see your smile
a half smile is it?
corners of your lips
twitching in mock
for i feel so young
when i am with you
you make me wince
with your gaze keen
you make me stark naked
coz you see through me,
right through me...

you never try
to coax me on
maybe i wish
you would nudge
press me a little
to give up my frights
but you just dont
i find you smile away
at my conflicting self
torturing me
with your gaze
just pull me close,
why dont you
pain so sweet
is it that you feel?
untouched touches
burning my skin
your lingering gaze
intoxicating me
i get so lost...

a single time
ask me to be yours
stop being this-
a silent tease!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

a farewell note...

i find no words deep
to say the final goodbye
for the ride once so smooth
seems to have hit a halt
when the bright world
would slip into a deep sleep
i would be awake,my last
kissing my death,honey sweet...

i beg,ask me no questions
for i have no answers to give
just an intution so vehement
that its meant to be so
i need to be brave,so brave
the countdown has just begun
the wait seems to drain me off
the very little vigour left in me...

notes of farewell,all ready
fresh notes and blue inks
goodbye mom,goodbye dad
thanks a lot for being mine
i go back upon the days
when i held onto your fingers
faltering steps you helped me take
and now am running away from all...

a last ode to my love,a sheet
crumpled,drenched in tears
no words of love anymore
dont wanna burden you again
i just wish to let you know
saying goodbye is never easy
going away is never easy,for me
wonder how easy it were for you...

goodbye to the world
which saw me bloom and wilt
goodbye to the skies
that let me dream on high
as the clock strikes midnight
i'll kiss the vial of venomous honey
and fall off into a deep slumber
a sleep which none can revive me from...

Burning in the downpour...

i held an urn along
a flashy glow anew
i found the light
striking ever so bright
fiery flames,red and gold
flying all over,blowing
like the stars so shiny
in the darkest of nights!

splintering flames
charring the cruet
red hot coal is it?
sputtering away
i felt the sweltry brand
melt my tender flesh
i could smell the melt
the charred flesh of mine!

little droplets falling
i looked up in relief
a rain to soothe the heat
to cool my burning flesh
alas! the raindrops fell
each drops slashing a gash
no blood did ooze out
a molten viscid hurt!

my limbs gained speed
to carry me away,safe
from the raging acid rains
burning my self,putting off
the burning flames of the urn
cupped in blistered hands,
slivers of a melting soul
pain unbound,i long to run!

the winds raged on fierce
every droplet falling on me
i felt myself smother,in pain
the fiery flames blowing over
scars,so fresh and deep all over
i dart ahead with the flaming urn,
slivers of my soul splintering away,
the urn, burning in the downpour...


criss-crosses a many
confinements within
gentle barriers anew
blocking my view

bars of iron,old
rust settling over
yet too strong
i cant break through

stuck in the dingy room
i longed to roam free
amongst the clouds
touching the green tops

birds chirped in glee
my soul longed to fly
storeys high,am stuck
locked away,for ever?

i could see no man
for the crossbars high
block any land view
all i see are skies blue

green lush branches
ripening little fruits fresh
spring blooming all around
my winter still hasn't melted, why?

cold and dark,desolate i am
waiting for the bars to be cut
open, to let the fresh breeze in
refreshing my soul,i need it so

days stretch as if in a lull
nights i spend gazing the stars
time i spend,strumming away
waiting...criss-crosses to melt away...

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

my pearly white facade... (dedicated to all de docs)

pearly white a facade
i had it on me,so fresh
a sheer white coat it were
but to me,a guise to live on...

walking along the corridors
i were deaf to the world
for i never heard the pains
i never heard the cries
the hollow grief so true
of losing the dear ones
nor did i hear the woes
of physical pain hurting
the trauma of amputations
the anguish of mothers
losing their young ones
of kids being orphaned
the silent throe of injuries
the pains of being confined
a soul longing to be freed
from the aches,so deepset...

pearly white a facade
i had it on me,so fresh
a sheer white coat it were
but to me,a guise to live on..

walking along the corridor
i were blind to the world around
i saw no bleeding persona
i couldnt find anyone around
waiting for death to call on
i found no lacerated souls
no comatous lump of flesh and bone
no painful ulcerations i see
i passed by the blind unknown
i acted as if i cared for none
shielding myself away from curses
oblivious i were to the pools
of blood i had jumped across
i found no pains,no blood,no hurt
i walked on,nothing shook me ever...

pearly white a facade
i had it on me,so fresh
a sheer white coat it were
but to me,a guise to live on...

walking out of the hospital gate
i felt my resolve break away
i found no words to comfort
my grieving soul,i longed to run
wished to cry my heart away
walking away for the night
i find my soul eclipsed in agony
mourning over a million souls
i find my night coming to an end
wishing for stength to be calm
i try to close my eyes to sleep
wonder if anyone would ever know
the deepest of trauma i endure
the ever bleeding soul of mine
when i pull on the white sheets
everytime god calls on a tender soul...

pearly white a facade
i had it on me,so fresh
a sheer white coat it were
but to me,a guise to live on...

Saturday, 2 June 2007


a marble staircase
winding along
as if a gyre!

a whirlpool
of memories in me
flashing all over!

steps to go by
dreams to fulfill
hopes to renew!

i dont know
how many turns
are left!

nor do i know
should i turn
left,or is it right?

a beacon of light
in you eyes,i see
or is it a flicker?

wonder why my feet
tire away,helpless
when all i wish is go on!

steps to count ahead
indeed each step forward,
a leap less,to reach you!

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