Wednesday, 13 June 2007

"and today,i dont miss you..."

the white tall fence,and all around, liliies new,so very tender
the little tree house i dreamt to have,each night before my sleep

the cozy satin bed spreads of yours, i always envied to have
everynight i made up a new reason to sleep along,sharing blankets

i didnt know why i couldnt sleep with you,my parents dear
i wondered what secrets did you share,without me by your side

often i'd wake up before the break of dawn,waiting,waiting
and i'd run to you the moment i hear voices in the hall,morn blessed

scared of dark,i weren't; for i loved the darkness cozy
creaking doors i longed your room to have,to wake me up

dressed up for school i'd be near the car,waiting for a ride
yet everytime,i find you speed away,with a wave so forlorn

walking back home,tears well in me,but never did i cry
remembering words once said to me "pretty girls never do cry"

hours at school,joys anew, learning and teaching,i do
the clock ticks by, there'd be my car ,empty and barren,to take me

evenings in the garden,i'd smell each blossom,count every berry
running to you at night,you smile,before locking the doors,your naptime

time flew by,my thoughts matured;no longer i tried to surpirise you
wonder if you ever noticed,you rarely found me near the car,never near by

years ahead,i over-heard a hushed conversation,of sending me away
once again i wondered in silence, the same old eerie silence of my life

going away,a pain;being near added to the despair,of being negected
even shadows vowed never to cross ways,and i learnt to live,for once

today as i walk back along the gardens i spoke all my dreams,my fears
the white fence half faded,yet so fresh in my memories bitter-sweet

the doors that hid me,waiting to spring a surprise when you passed by
the long corridors and the lavishly decorated hall,only voices ever,mine

i find you smiling,welcoming me into your arms,pampering me with your love
and you ask me gently a question "being away,did you ever miss us,dear one?"

and i just smile at you, looking out of the windows i often peeked through,waiting
and i sigh to myself "you'd never ever know and today,i dont miss you..."

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  1. This one is just terrific..... Very very very poignant and beautifully expressed....

    Keep writing....[:)]




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