Thursday, 7 June 2007

Burning in the downpour...

i held an urn along
a flashy glow anew
i found the light
striking ever so bright
fiery flames,red and gold
flying all over,blowing
like the stars so shiny
in the darkest of nights!

splintering flames
charring the cruet
red hot coal is it?
sputtering away
i felt the sweltry brand
melt my tender flesh
i could smell the melt
the charred flesh of mine!

little droplets falling
i looked up in relief
a rain to soothe the heat
to cool my burning flesh
alas! the raindrops fell
each drops slashing a gash
no blood did ooze out
a molten viscid hurt!

my limbs gained speed
to carry me away,safe
from the raging acid rains
burning my self,putting off
the burning flames of the urn
cupped in blistered hands,
slivers of a melting soul
pain unbound,i long to run!

the winds raged on fierce
every droplet falling on me
i felt myself smother,in pain
the fiery flames blowing over
scars,so fresh and deep all over
i dart ahead with the flaming urn,
slivers of my soul splintering away,
the urn, burning in the downpour...

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