Thursday, 7 June 2007


criss-crosses a many
confinements within
gentle barriers anew
blocking my view

bars of iron,old
rust settling over
yet too strong
i cant break through

stuck in the dingy room
i longed to roam free
amongst the clouds
touching the green tops

birds chirped in glee
my soul longed to fly
storeys high,am stuck
locked away,for ever?

i could see no man
for the crossbars high
block any land view
all i see are skies blue

green lush branches
ripening little fruits fresh
spring blooming all around
my winter still hasn't melted, why?

cold and dark,desolate i am
waiting for the bars to be cut
open, to let the fresh breeze in
refreshing my soul,i need it so

days stretch as if in a lull
nights i spend gazing the stars
time i spend,strumming away
waiting...criss-crosses to melt away...

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