Thursday, 14 June 2007

O! Rain!

humming a new tune to myself
walking away,a dream in my eyes
rainbow of emotions welling in me
i walk on,a leisurely stroll,i walk on

the breeze gave a strong puff
blowing hard,my hair flying all over
the sun hid for cover,i wonder why?
looking up at the dark clouds,i walk on

a drop of rain,heavenly rain
dropped onto my face,tickling me
i stood there in a trance,all gay
raindrops falling,cooling my skin

the rain gained its vigour anew
lashing on to me,cleansing the air
i wondered for the first ever time
o! rain! what do you long to be?

i looked around,found your smile
greenish shine,on the leafy tops
a beauty,the sprouting fresh green
o! rain! is it luscious green you long to be?

looking up i could see the skies blue
playing hide n seek with the dark clouds
blue the world would be,devoid of you
o! rain! is it pale sky blue you long to be?

walking along,i found you red and gold
the blossoms anew all over the lands
basking in the crimson of the flowers
o! rain! is it crimson red you long to be?

plop plop,you befall onto the placid lake
ripples many,a gyrating dream so fresh
crystal clear water flowing away so smooth
o! rain! is it the crystal white you long to be?

merry songs of kids,so full of life,walking ahead
the little droplets on their darkest of tresses
the shiny black you reflect as gleaming dark
o! rain! is it ebony black you long to be?

glancing around in utmost awe
i realise your selfless love,so dear
no shade,no hues on your own
yet so full of vivid colours,you do shine

o! rain! i now realise so lucid and stark
an ode of selfless love is what you long to be
green or blue;white or black;be it any hue
all shades are enhanced,glowing in your love!

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