Saturday, 9 June 2007

a silent tease

tender thy gaze
i feel so shy
warm embrace
with just eyes
i find the depth
sucking me
into the whirlpool
emotions many
swirling in me
is it right
or am i wrong?
conflicts in me
held me safe
i longed to wait
till i get sure
hurrying away
into no where
i dont want to
lose it all,this day-
alas! wish it was true!

sitting across
i can see your smile
a half smile is it?
corners of your lips
twitching in mock
for i feel so young
when i am with you
you make me wince
with your gaze keen
you make me stark naked
coz you see through me,
right through me...

you never try
to coax me on
maybe i wish
you would nudge
press me a little
to give up my frights
but you just dont
i find you smile away
at my conflicting self
torturing me
with your gaze
just pull me close,
why dont you
pain so sweet
is it that you feel?
untouched touches
burning my skin
your lingering gaze
intoxicating me
i get so lost...

a single time
ask me to be yours
stop being this-
a silent tease!

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