Sunday, 10 June 2007

amour de vous... (loving you...)

sleeping safe,
oblivious to the world so bright

lips crinkled at the corners,lovely

my love,
for the past many decades together

we have shared aplenty in glee

kissed away with our love so strong

which made us move away,never for long

did we give up on ourselves anytime

our love,
meant more than you or me

as i look at your gentle face

a face,
i have loved to look at,forever

my soul,
seems to choke in deep pain

a fresh pain,
everytime our memories flash by

at the gentle curls,kissing your eyes

a love,
so pure flowing over to you,from me

a new dawn,
and i shudder to think of the day

waking up,
you'd stare at me,trying hard to remember

a stranger,
you try to decipher my identity,yet again

i tell you as every day,am your love

look at me,a cold blank stare,killing me

wiped off from your mind,you try to smile

holding you,
i take you around our house so dear

you look,
around in a daze,our home seems new

your only feeling true,for you stare away

trying hard,
to look at me,at our bed,the coffee table

you stare away once again,as every day

i try,
to hold back my tears,feeling a hollow

yet i stay,
near you,telling you how much i love you

sweet memories of ours in your ears

like a tender baby,you hold my hands

you close to me,stroking your lovely locks

we walk on,
everytime i look at you,i find my love

beneath the dark shield of dementia

my love,
your presence can fill me with a love pure

a thousand lives,
i can spend with you as a nameless face

no yesterdays,
but we have our todays so dear and sweet

maybe no tomorrows,
yet am glad to wake up to life,by your side

loving you,
i am fulfilled,my love,my child,i love you so

blessed i am,
to love you new,rediscovering our love everyday

amour de vous,
loving you,just loving you...

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