Thursday, 7 June 2007

a farewell note...

i find no words deep
to say the final goodbye
for the ride once so smooth
seems to have hit a halt
when the bright world
would slip into a deep sleep
i would be awake,my last
kissing my death,honey sweet...

i beg,ask me no questions
for i have no answers to give
just an intution so vehement
that its meant to be so
i need to be brave,so brave
the countdown has just begun
the wait seems to drain me off
the very little vigour left in me...

notes of farewell,all ready
fresh notes and blue inks
goodbye mom,goodbye dad
thanks a lot for being mine
i go back upon the days
when i held onto your fingers
faltering steps you helped me take
and now am running away from all...

a last ode to my love,a sheet
crumpled,drenched in tears
no words of love anymore
dont wanna burden you again
i just wish to let you know
saying goodbye is never easy
going away is never easy,for me
wonder how easy it were for you...

goodbye to the world
which saw me bloom and wilt
goodbye to the skies
that let me dream on high
as the clock strikes midnight
i'll kiss the vial of venomous honey
and fall off into a deep slumber
a sleep which none can revive me from...

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