Sunday, 6 May 2007

Ah! My mirror!

A shiny sliver of silvery glass,
The well crafted wooden carvings,
Darkest of ebony frames,
Limpid images so fixed.
Ah! A mirror! But not mine...

Glowing soft eyes, so dear,
Reflections of my own fear,
I see embedded in them,
Deep set jitters of mine.
Ah! My mirror!

Crinkles, at the corners of your eyes,
when you smile so much, into me,
Responding to my loving words,
Your smiling eyes, and so much joy.
Ah! My mirror!

My teary eyes, so welling to burst,
Hurt, blurring my vision,
Even before I could tell you, why,
Your tears of love, befall on me.
Ah! My mirror!

A naughty gleam, so fresh,
Echoing my prankster self,
Enthusiasm so high, in your eyes,
Matching with the zeal, in mine.
Ah! My mirror!

A silent embrace, off the deep,
A cascade of love in your eyes,
Flowing through, reaching me,
Warming my soul, your jiving eyes.
Ah! My mirror!

The touch of your skin,
Warmth of your breath,
I can glimpse in your eyes,
My own desires, burning in rage.
Ah! My mirror!

Reflections for a lifetime,
I long to nest, in our dreams,
Every morn, I wake up to see,
Myself, embedded, in the eyes of yours,
Your eyes, my love!
Ah! My mirror!


  1. I am, what I am not, in my mirror,
    I can be, what I want to be in my mirror,
    And still why again this question,
    Who am I?

    Right? :-)
    Nice write. Keep up the great work..

  2. True raw love to the core!! Loved the way u portrayed it!! :)




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