Thursday, 24 May 2007

summer's end...

night after night
irrevocably calm
i sing myself
a lullaby
to sleep!

every morn i awake
with dreams of you
my hands search
a reflex deep
for you,beside!

coldest winds marring
window panes shattering
i wince everytime
i wonder if it's
a warning tone?

winter chills,snowy roads
lanterns lit,fire set
i read myself
fiction or facts
i read away!

every footstep i hear
my heartbeats faster
thumping in me
i wish for you
to return!

gone off,one summer
off with friends
fun and frolic
wonder why
i still wait?

spring be it,or autumn new
winter chills often in me
i try to reassure myself
i just need to wait
yet again,for one more
summer's end!

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