Thursday, 10 May 2007

sail away...

the deep blue of the sea
reflecting in your eyes
and the lashing of waves
i see the fury so deep!

i wonder if its fierce
like the whirlpools,i feel
myself being dragged into
the oceanic depths unknown!

i see the flaming anger in you
set ablaze by my random words
how was i supposed to know it hard
you'd be hurt by the merest of jokes

i smiled inward for i felt the love
i never knew my one little word
of leaving you,leaving your side
could set your temper aflame!

and as i see the anguish and fury
trying hard to submerge the love in you
i feel a rush,a rush of joy so pure
i realize deep down i have been right...

my pick of you,the one choice of mine
i wouldnt ever regret i know its true
even if destiny plays its own treachery
i would still feel grateful to have loved...

i wish i could swim till i tire
in the deepest blue of your eyes
and sail away in glee all my life
in the ocean of your love,just sail away...

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