Sunday, 20 May 2007

first crush...

skip a beat,
to my singing heart.

flash a smile,
the gale,
humming into my ears.

never do stare,
my senses,
words into my mind.

the lady-like gait,
my limbs,
and i stride in glee.

"is he looking?"
i ask
hoping for your one glance.

"yes indeed,
he's coming near",
i notice
from the corner of my eyes.

my heart does skip a beat,
i do flash a smile,
trying to act coy,no stares,
no split second for thoughts!

i turn along my sides
to offer you a welcome note
alas! i found you nowhere!
and then i saw,you and her walking along..

tears didnt sting me,
yet i felt desolete,
i walked back home,
a pain in my heart,my first crush blown apart!

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