Thursday, 17 May 2007

goodbye,my love...

tears stinging my soul
i ran towards the railway station..

i feel myself
being ripped apart,frantic i searched for you..

of losing you,after years of loving you
and there is no way for you to stay,to hold you back..

stop ,
i wish to beg you,for i feel its still early
i havent even had a chance to let you know i love you..

i know you are today and i need to stand by you
for you are stepping out today,to a new world of joys..

a new step,
you are about to undertake,dreams of a career bright
a fresh dreamy walk into the mysterious journey of life..

in your soul so raw,pleading eyes asking me along
you have spent years trying to find love in my eyes..

in vain,
and now i have the love in me,but you cant wait
i long to run away leaving behind every part of my life..

i feel holding me back,family ties shackling me in
i cant forgo my responsibilities,not even for a love so strong..

and here i am,
tears in my heart,brimming as if in an uptide
pain seeping in me as a toxin new,suffocating me so deep..

come along,
you plead to me a hundredth time,ever word stings me
and you feel so barren,hollow as a void and i feel so dead..

never know my hurt,having to sacrifice my love for you
never know how i kill myself, every time i say "no"..

if i let you know,
you'd never leave me,bleeding within,i know it so
i cant be strong if i let you see the love in my eyes..

train halts,
i feel my soul soaked in salty tears of my love
i wish you'd be here to warm my soul,kiss away my tears..

time is up,you have to go,far away,so far away
and i find myself turning stone in grief,so deep..

so fake on my lips,a cascade of tears welling in
i dared not to look up,for i couldnt bear the sight..

held my hands one last time,words failing
i felt a burning cold burn my skin,tears of yours..

looking up,
i saw you smile so sad,longed to grip you hard
and never let go,but our hands entwined,were now free..

at you,lips trembling at every smile i try to fake
i see your sihoutte slurr,as the train speeds away from me..

finally are at peace,for i can cry,cry my heart away
for you are not here to see my love,you are so far away today..

i feel a void so deep,every memory with you,i'd cherish
turning back one last time,i wave out,teary eyes,shattered soul..

goodbye my love,
i feel my love,unknown to the world or even to you,
painstakingly beautiful,our unfulifilled love,lingering all over!

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