Monday, 14 May 2007

walking away-1

love me till you tire away
just dont expect me to return
i see in you, no longer
the lover i envisaged before...

i hoped for someone fresh
who knew the nuances of love
i need someone strong and fit
who'd love me the way i do...

i dont need your helping hand
i dont need assistance everytime
a friend in you,i hate to see
i just need a man for me...

i hate it when you tag along
words of caution at every step
asking me to think and plan
no strength to take some risks...

disgust or is it pity,i dunno
i feel it hard when i see you
beg and plead for my one look
o! dont you see, i need a man!

i need a man,all strong and tough
who'd love me,body and soul
i need a man who can take me
to heights of pleasure you never can..

unromantic a soul you are deep down
to love me the way i need to be loved
i cant wait even if you try to change
for deep down you can never do...

i need a man who can turn me on
day or night,kiss me to delight
take me by force,every single time
make me shudder in orgasmic delight...

i dont need someone to feed me
nor do i need a love to paint my toes
i dont need a lover who sheds tears of joy
whenever i say "i love you dear"...

teary soul and a panic in your eyes
you sing out aloud,a love flowing to me
i have known your love for me,so true
and at times i do feel a pang of guilt...

going back on the golden courtship days
dreams afresh and floating in glee
newly weds;bouquets and cakes;you and me
the love and joys i dreamed about...

but i realised you could never be my man
the man i loved to make love to;a man
strong and romantic,wild and fresh,i longed
i found my man on the streets;am walking away...

i dont know if i have been fair to you
i wish to offer a comforting word or two
but i have no love for you,i needed a man
and i've found one today,to take me to the stars!

1 comment:

  1. Heavy I'd say. The romantic thoughts, and a practical love. The reality aspect of love, is it??




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