Saturday, 26 May 2007

Reflections of a lifetime...

plop plop,
i heard the splash,the pebbles dropping

looking up,
i found you behind,so full of tender smiles

in your eyes,so coal black,ever twinkling

my hands,
beckoned you beside,yet i felt so coy

sitting across,
i could see the gentle lines of ageing

the sunbeams,
and you squint away,frowning as if in fury

a gentle touch,
your finger on my ring,commitment of decades

the pond,
so green and placid,the ripples vanishing

of you and me,our images so subtle,sombre

the crystal clear water in your palms

the pure water at my face,i felt so shy

fifty odd years,
and a family tree,all branched away,growing

still together,
i feel so blessed to be here once again today

no words,
no touch,just the mere feel of heartbeats

peals of music,
echoes reverbrating,notes of ages ago,yet distinct

of a lifetime,yet all i see is,you and me...

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