Sunday, 6 May 2007

Dont touch me ever...

dont touch me ever..

i see your wicked grin
and feel a chill in me;
life has been so unfair
is it just for me,i wonder?

early days,our love so dear
you and me,a dream come true;
days that we have spent in hope
nights of promises of love...

dont touch me ever..

the words i uttered in disgust
deepest of loathing in my mind;
months ago i melted in your touch
and now all i feel is deep regret...

i saw a face,i wished to see
blind i were,to the real you;
the first time you came so late
i never knew you were on a high...

dont touch me ever..

the sheer strength of you,that night
terrified me,hurting me all over;
stil i never knew you were on a dope
for i just could see my lover in you...

oft my mind goes back to the day
i found the syringes by your side;
and i knew it hard and true
i was losing you, my love...

dont touch me ever..

i longed to scream and shake you up
to let you know the nefarious self in you;
addiction so deepset in you,i found
no hope to steady your faltering steps...

i could try again and again
to have you back as the man i loved;
but when i see the cold dark eyes
barely registering me in them,i give up...

dont touch me ever..

black eyes and a bruised body
i could have lived with the pains;
but my soul was shredded beyond repair
for you have killed myself,my living self...

the animal cruelty in your touch
hurting me,ripping my limbs;
every night in bed,i die a new death
each morning i cry myself,tears of blood...

dont touch me ever..

i have no love tonight in my eyes
and yet you seem oblivious to my feel;
all you need is your dope so high
and a body to lynch on and rip apart...

no..i cant give up myself again
in hopes to get you back all sober; all over,and i feel so cold
an era of love clouded by a lifetime of hurt...

dont touch me ever..

even an untouched touch of yours
tremble my skin,kill my soul...

no..dont touch me ever..

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