Wednesday, 9 May 2007

you can't kill my love...

i dunno how you can smile at me
when you have already planned my destiny
that i'll be away..

i wonder why in the world i ever did try
to eavesdrop on the call that one night
to hear my death pronounced...

maybe its good i know my lovers face,naked;
for i can be ready to face it all,suspense and thrill
yet i wonder if you'd feel guilt pangs,ever...

i loved you,day or night,smiles or frowns
i saw in you no greys and blacks
all i saw was love...reflections of mine...

and now i find it hard to know,bare and true
you planning murder behind my back
plotting my death,feeling the thrill...

i wonder why i dont try to run
for i never wish to die a death so crude
but dunno why my steps falter,when away from you....

i know it so,i need to run and save my skin
but i feel,all that matters is lost forever
i have lost you...and nothing matters anymore...

plan and plot,take your time
i shall wait till you are done
for i have no words,nothing more...

take my life with your own hands
kill me, choke me;i really dont care
for am dead, dead as a corpse..

i walk around in a terrifying daze
i see your smile,daggers in your eyes
hatred seeping,hidden by your charms...

and i lie next to you every night
chills down my spine on your every touch
for i wonder is it now??

death,your final gift to me;i know it to be;
but not your first murder my dear;that fateful call
and you have killed me a thousand deaths...

your every glimpse and i wonder is it time yet?
you have killed my strength,my heart and soul,
but you cant kill my love for love,my love...

1 comment:

  1. mixed shades or red and and death.. uncertainity(?) and the certainity.. i admire u for ur mix of hues.. and quite surprised to see a dark one from u, i must say.




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