Friday, 25 May 2007

her tinkling bangles...

soothening music to my ears
her bangles jingling away
a hundred new dreams for ever
rush in me from a mystery land .

chiming like her smiles,
the vine red bangles many
i felt it fade in the shade
of the crimson of her cheeks!

tinkling away in a fresh note
the trinkets on her hands soft
i longed to hold her hands in mine
and count the bangles,sharing time.

silver crafted in a beauty new
thin strings of dangling beads
i saw them jingle away in glee
and i felt my heart beat in sync.

smiling into me everytime we meet
no words spoken,silence so golden
yet everytime her bangles jingle
i feel a thousand coversations run.

i go to bed every night,dreams of her,
hoping to be woken up by her very touch
beads of silver dangling over my face,
smiles of her and tinkles into my soul...

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