Monday, 14 May 2007 easy life?????

i need a break
i say to myself
mugs of coffee
on my desk
piles of books
waiting to be read

killing me hard
wonder what's best
tripati is the best
i hear seniors say
but somehow
i like satoskar better
heard someone tell
he's the handsome guy
of the lot..
ma'ms say read katsung
what do they know
of the feeling of doom
when i see all the names-
clorygline, seligyline
ANS seems to kill me hard
god i need a break!

pathology my best one
before the exams
i seem to be fine
and in the hall
what is a granuloma?
and i look in daze
what the hell do i write?
in TB,we have it,
i know.. but what more?
sweat breaks too hard!

the science of microbes
i wonder why the hell
do they dwell in our body?
should be prohibited
for then i dont have to
mug up all the bacetrial names
mycoplasma and viruses
and what are these??????

forensic or jurisprudence
god, even corpses want to kill?
i hate it so hard
to bear the stench
and more than that
who cares a damn
defining rape and all crap?
enough and more
of the morgue,i have seen it all
nightmares more worse,
i have in my sleep!

a science student
i felt proud ages ago
and now i feel what a crime
better would have been a BA
damn,and still you say
we have an easy life??????

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