Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Song of love...

you asked me once
on a bright spring morn
to sing out to you
not so loud,not too soft
for just you to hear!

i wondered out loud
how was it to be,
i looked at you
wondering about the song
a song just for you?

you smiled at me
held my hands in yours
a gentle squeeze so soft
and i felt i could smile
a smile just for you!

we walked away in glee
along the paving ways
stopping by the stream
the gush of water smooth
a song of nature!

the dew drops on the flowers
the freshness of the breeze
the chirping birds above
the scent of the morning sun
you and me,to add to the joys!

time was running in a tide
and we were stuck in our dreams
you held my hands one more time
before you smiled and let me go
with vows to meet again soon!

and as i turned back to look at you
smiling at me in all joy and love
letting me know how much you enjoy
our such little escapades of love
i sang our song of love!

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