Sunday, 20 May 2007

our love forever...

waiting at the airbase
a bundle of nerves
i didnt know what
to expect,
in the least!

i remembered you
as my handsome mate
whose eyes smiled
everytime in glee
and a love so pure!

i still recollect
the horror i felt in me
when i heard the news
drafted by the nation,
to fight for its pride!

every day i'd wake up
with a fear so sharp
fears probing into me
i try hard to put away
conflicts in me!

iraq in war,deaths many
every day reports the press
and i pray to lord
with all my heart and soul,
i need you safe,i need you back...

and on a morning as ever
i got a ring that shook my world
news that broke my soul
my man was hurt,greviously hurt
yet i found solace he is alive!

and since that day,i have
prayed so hard for you to be back
i wondered each moment who hurt
you could have been,just a minor one
i'd pray all the time,so hard...

now as i see you get down the flight
i have no words,for i couldnt know
i couldnt recognise it is you,my love
and when you were near,i found you
the familiar peace in my soul,i found you...

no arms that held me close
your face once so blemishless
now seems beyond comprehension
i fel the pain lynching at my soul
to see you lost,a strnger before me..

but i could still see you in the light
of our days of love,once shared in glee
i could find your soul so pure as ever
and i wished to love you the very same
and i thanked my lord,i still have you in life...

as we walk down the aisle today,
man and wife, blessed by the lord
i find our love to be blessed
a love that is gonna live
even after we are gone away forever,
for it would run through us,into the world....

(diz iz inspired from the real life story of an american soldier n his wife..plz do chek de pic posted along...its de actual pic)

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