Friday, 25 May 2007

the melancholy rain...

raindrops on my window panes
winds lashing the drops on me
i feel a sudden cold,so wet
soothing me deep down!

pulling my blankets close
i tried to toss and turn
in my little bed so cozy
dreams so fresh and soft!

the cloudy sky around me
and music of the rain
i felt so good to be home
and i closed my eys once more!

the rains marred at my face
little droplets striking me
i felt your touch so dear
and i couldnt help look around!

soon the music seemed no joy
i could find no soothening note
all i heard was a melancholy tune
rain or no rain,my life without you!

pushing the blankets away from me
i stepped out to reach the window
gently i pulled in the latches close
no shower of joy could rain my life again!

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