Thursday, 17 May 2007

hurting reminders...

i saw a face once too dear
across the streets so near
crowded,one bustling street
i felt my heart skip a beat!

after what seems like ages
i saw you,my life's old pages
refreshed itself before my eyes
i felt helpless under the skies!

i felt myself gain my speed
as if following your new lead
voices around,loud,began to slurr
and i felt your silhoutte blurr!

my feet took me along as if in a haste
i couldnt let your glimpse to go waste
voices in me blamed me so hard
i had no reason to go this wayward

conflicts grew in me,your one glance
all i could feel was a teary dance
in my soul,i felt the pain so raw
once so dear,and now strangely a foe

some wounds never heal too well
just need a wind to fume the swell
and i still feel the pain so deeply fresh
and i wish i hadnt seen you in the rush

scabs so deep i thought i would never forget
blemishes in my soul,i hoped not to regret
i longed to have been unaffected ny your sight
all i feel is a deep sorrow,i had buried downright...

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