Thursday, 10 May 2007

my one long wait...

walking away from you
after what seems ages
an era of a relationship
and now i feel free
i feel i'm me
once again!

the many golden times of ours
smiles and laughs often
our gentle love teases
silly li'l trifles
we have seen it all
more than once!

i have seen your greys and hues
have tried to be blind
to your jealous self
to pay no much heed
when you hurt me
many a time!

i have watched in helplessness
when your eyes would flirt
and you walk along with me
feeling as if miles away
eyes aloof,even shadows
moving opposite ways!

i tried so hard to stay by you
even when you went astray
for i always thought it true
you'd change someday
i knew i could wait
till that day!

when you left me for someone new
i felt shattered,weak and lost
i saw no light,my future bleak
despair filling me,to the brim
love for you as frozen tears
stuck in my soul!

i longed to see you back with me
i dunno why i still waited in hope
i wonder why,for i felt no more love
no more dreams of being one
no loving future,no fantasies
yet i wanted you back!

feeling betrayed my soul wept
in deepest of anguish i waited
waiting for the one last time
when you would come back to me
to plead and beg pardon
every moment,a torture!

and now as i walk away from you
i feel so feathery,light and free
my soul seems to rejoice in joy
i dont wanna turn back ever
not even to see your tears
or sighs of desperation!

and you did come back to me today
after ages of longing i had you
asking me back,remorse in youe eyes
i felt no revenge,no need to hurt
for i saw you today as a beaten man
heart wrenching a sight!

i find no love in me to give to you today
i feel no grief, no pain,in your despair
i feel pity for the stranger beside me
i feel my spirits cleansed anew
and i know i am free

a gentle pat on shoulders,once i rested on
a smile deep from my heart,prayers ever
and i walk away,leaving you behind
leaving behind my yesterdays
the wait finally over,
my one long wait!

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