Thursday, 17 May 2007

for you,my bro...

you came into my life,
too off the sudden
i felt so blessed,
to have you in here!

a friend i hoped in glee,
to find in you
you made me your sister,
i felt joy unbound!

family friends we sure were,
we hadnt ever met before
just a glance at you,
and i felt bonds so special!

a long lost little brother,
i could find in you
you'd call me day and night,
showing me off as if a trophy!

you made me smile away in joy,
little pranks and funny tales
giving me so much of a love,
wanting me with you everytime!

often i'd wonder about you,
full of smiles and a tender soul,
you cant,even a single being,
love and only love,you had in you!

my little brother in you,
i longed to take you under my wings
so much of care,i wished to show,
teaching you all that i knew!

every sunday i'd drive in to see you,
at your hostel so dear to you
friends of yours would cover me in love,
and i feel am so blessed to have you!

a doting sister,you term me
"gajar ka halwa" you demand from me
in my love,i feed you everytime
ahh! my lovely little brother!

and now as i look back at times
i find you were never mine
a lovely soul,a brother,i made of you
loving you more than ever,i still do!

i knew it then,since the very first time
that you were here just for a while
then you'd go back to your dear ones
away from me,with promises to meet again!

i dunno why i still feel a pang so deep
as if i have lost you forever today
i saw you wave to me off the train
and i felt a part of me bleed in pain!

my little one,i have had the best of times
you and me,our fun and frolic,little tussles
as you are on the way back home
i know your soul too grieves in deep sorrow!

promises a many,i hold for you anew,
wishes and hopes you'd always have good
memories of a lifetime of love you have given,
in this short stinct of yours in here!

no links of blood,binds us together,
no name for our relationship so special
threads of love,bind our souls so deep,
a love above all,for i found a brother in you!

gone away from me today,i saw tears in you eyes,
trying hard to make me smile through my tears
my little one,you came to me as a tender waft of care
blowing away from me today,you have taken my breath away!

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