Friday, 4 May 2007

a midnight blue dream...

i saw you once before now
basking in a bluish light;
the midnight blue!

i tried to hold my eyes open
to capture you in my frame;
the portrait anew!

time seemed to standstill
and i felt it so chilling cold;
the winter chills!

i tried to hold out my arms in glee
to try and warm your trembling self;
the warmth of my skin!

i heard you shudder as if in fear
and i felt helplessly in love with the image;
the vulnerable shadow!

the dark was creeping all over
in vain,i tried to reach your side;
misty smoke all over!

and then the crescent moon awoke
i looked above and saw the parting dark clouds;
a split second lost!

i turned to look back at the fairy you
and all i saw was a midnight dreamy me;
a mirror of my!

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