Thursday, 24 May 2007

perfect stranger!

the darkest night
in starry delight
the tender waft
hugging me tight
the world so zooming
looking outta the car
at the traffic signal
i saw a face so bright
humming a tune afresh
sitting idle,yet smart
i looked across at you
you never noticed my glance!

the jet black hair all messy
it kept blowing all around
stubble of yours on your face
i found it so charmingly sweet
i saw you smile away in glee
as if in some reverie lucid
i found your fingers
strumming the steering wheels
impatient whiffs so new
i could sense in you
i felt mesmerized
and so much in awe
you weren't handsome
yet i found myself
drawn to you...

i wonder if you'd
look at me,a casual glance
i tried to smile
at my frivolous thoughts
the traffic lights beamed
and i found you
speed away.
and i realise it so
how oblivious to eachother
the world really is
for none knows none
and yet we long to know..

my perfect stranger,
you'd never know
i'd go to bed tonight
smiling,thanks to you!

1 comment:

  1. Amazing writ sashu. This one is just too good. I missed this one at the community though. :-(




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