Wednesday, 9 May 2007

bleed till...???

rip me into pieces
shred my skin as flakes;
the snaky flakes,slithering...

drink my blood,so vine red
and quench the thirsts so hard;
thirsts to dry my soul...

crush me in the fiery shackles
chain myself,let me choke;
choke in all exasperation...

bind me onto the summit of doom
let me be blind to the painful end;
end of the saga of grief...

kiss me with your hungry lips
explore my body with your fangs;
fangs of venom to seep in through...

feed me to the beady eyed vultury beings
waiting for you to kill,to drain away;
drain my life in your hunger strokes...

you wait for none,just stay calm and subtle
you come to me just like a creepy shadowy self;
shadows in the dark,emotions of evil...

a part of me you are, a half of my soul
where i wish to kill,hurt and bleed ;
bleed to death,till the evil in me subsides...

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