Monday, 14 May 2007

walking away-3

ah! a lady,easy enough to lay
a bundle of fun to be around
for i can see hopes so deep
she's a woman;a pretty good one!

a couple of times our eyes have met
driving along with a naive man
in his eyes i could see adoration
but hers were cold and dark...

easy enough to crack this one
i uttered to my precarious soul
i walked around her so often
time spun;and i had her to me!

and what a delight to look at
all white creamy skin,silky smooth
her auburn hair,so soft and wavy
eyes so deep and never cold,just eager..

curvaceous figure hugging me tight
my lips and hands exploring in delight
pounding hard i looked into her eyes
lusty eyes i could see in sheep delight

plumped onto the pillow si soft
i looked at her still in beads of sweat
she seemed to smile in some reverie
wonder if she missed her man??

ah! i asked her if she'd like to
come away with me, no strings attached
not a question as to where or why
just pulled me onto her deepest center

no promises uttered,no dreams to share
yet i know she'd beg me to stay along
craving for me and my hungry self
she'd be there waiting for me...

now is not the time to let her know
she's not the woman i'd love to tie knots
and i'd break to her the truth so bare
she's not my lady,not my love,never!

she's a craving soul to feed onto in glee
a beautiful body,waiting to please
and when am done with it all,for good
i know how to walk away,away...

she's a woman to me,but just not mine
for i need a lady who'd never stray
i have seen her cold,brutally cold self
all i need is her body to explore...

walking away from the man who loved her so
she never realised how it feels to be let down
i promise you honey,you'l soon get to know
walking away is never so easy,you'l soon know...

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  1. And the practical love fails. The one night stand kind of relationship..
    Amazing the series is...Simply superb!!




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