Saturday, 26 May 2007

nature,a tease!

the vast expanse of my sky
smears of crimson,all so bright!

sunbeams so red,and golden hue
peeping at me,a twisted smile?

the breeze so light and cool
whispering sweet nothings into me!

the sun bidding its final adieu
wishing me all luck ,all so warm!

the dark carpet creeping in anew
gentle nudges at me,tintillating!

stars breaking through the velvet
darkness dazzling with the new jewels!

moon shining in so full a gleam
moon beams winking at me,a silent tease!

the ebony night turning into musk
feel my senses astute,scents of you!

i walk into the open air,fresh
time seems standstill,electrified!

never knew nature as such a chaff
tickling me all over,the breeze!

just this very night i have to endure
dawn break and my spring would be home!

the first blush is all i await,and you,
but nature,why tonight,you,a real tease?!?

1 comment:

  1. wonderful thoughts
    penned down !
    keep it up.




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