Thursday, 17 May 2007

..mea culpa...

into the whirlpool
of greed,
i saw no depth
of need,
no deepest necessity,
just sheer mirth,
to possess.

and gyrating as a pulse
the deepest
of emotions,once-
a greed immense,
pounding into, voices
to sin.

slithering away
the deepest pit
of lust-
of extravagance-
of sin-
sudden flashes of heat
burns me.

a sleek cool carpet
my skin now
i crawl away
hopes to be renewed
i try to creep
for once ever
away from sin.

wonder deep down
do i really wish
to cleanse?
or is it
yet another sin?
i wonder again
as i crawl away from sins
why do i turn back for once?

mea culpa..
my sins..
i utter..
as i crawl

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