Thursday, 10 May 2007

my amputated soul..

"sweet lilly swaying in the breeze so cool
its gentle petals laden with the pristine dew

my morning walk along the woods so dark and green
the wonderful freshness of the mornin,warming me

every step i take,i plan every deed for the new day
walking along the cavy paths in,i smile at you

every single morn i pave along curious paths untrodden
each new thought,a new walk along the new horizons"

i wake up to a dream of mine,the every day joy
though the same everyday,it rejuvenates me

now as i open my eyes to a new dawn,all fresh
i find the bed so strangely new,i am dazed

i turn around to look at the cozy room i love
i find myself so lost,a hospital room i gather

events tumble as a kaliedoscope before my eyes
i feel the scent of the morning blossoms yet again

and then i feel the deafening screech,
so outta control, i couldnt move an inch

the crashing sound i heard as if in a distance
and i could feel vision blurr,drowsiness seeping in

a tremor shake me as i recall the accident cruel
yesterday i wonder, or was it today?

i look around to see the ventilator tubes
the IV running through me,healing wounds

and then i see my your face ever so dear
and i try to move my legs and sit up straight

and i can feel a hollow in me that i cant fathom
gently i draw the crisp white spreads away from me

realisation hit me so hard, i try to feel my legs
but alas! i find just a stump in white,dressed up

my limbs no longer there, i feel myself choke to death
how am i to live again?am i to be confined to my bed?

tears breaking in,like an ice cap melting in the sun
as i realise you can never paint my toes again,in your love

i can never walk again by your side,along the shores
no joys to give,a crippled young soul i'd become

invalid,i realise in a pang,a hurt so deep,scarring me
deep down i know i am never gonna be the same anymore

i wish to sleep,and never wake up again to see your face
for i cant bear to see your eyes loving me still,i know it true

as i lay back on the bed,my eyes shut in deepest despair
i find myself so lost,a part of me dead forever...

eyes closed,trying to hold back my tears i feel barren,
"a cripple" voices in me yell,yet its my soul that is amputated!

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