Monday, 1 September 2008

Love Note

That nest we discovered lovingly, last summer
Seems so vacuous now.
And the little birds flew away, Dear.
I wonder if they'd ever remember Us?
So very fondly, we named them sweet,
And the turns we took to sneak a glimpse
Of the all-pink-featherless baby bird-
It seems like just yesterday,
Doesn't it?

The litchis ripe, I plucked last week
All fleshy and rich.
Remember, the one time, we raced
To the litchi tree?
Broke your neck, I'd feared then, for reason none-
Breathless, we had perched ourselves
On that westward branch.
Feeling the fresh breeze embrace us cold,
We sat, sharing the ripe litchi-
Didn't we, Love?

The newspaper guy is still petrified
Of your terrier dear.
Never lets go of a chance, he does,
To nip away some flesh,
And I still remember the first time.
How hard you had tried to hold him back,
And the newspaper guy had fled for life.
But, I leash him in the morns-
He whines for you, every time.
Sigh! Come home, won't You?

Last night as I sat, to pen you this note,
The power failed.
I lit the candle you sent me last month,
Incense burning, and I felt you.
The candlelit dinner, we often planned on,
But never went through.
This time, when you get Home,
We'd definitely have one-
The candle lit barely to light us
And we'd see right through each other,
Like every other time,
Wouldn't we?

Its getting late, my Love-
I need to wake up early in the morn.
Your petunias do need a trim-
Now, don't you frown, I know,
I'll get it done no later than 'morrow.
And I haven't forgotten to lock the doors,
So just be calm, and sleep tight.
Good night, my Love.
Just come Home soon, I miss you, Love.

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  1. aww....this is such a sweet note....!! God bless u and him!!




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