Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Shooting Star

Make a wish tonight,
I promise you, I'll make it true-

Screamed out loud,
The Shooting Star.

I saw the star, that zoomed,
And fell
Right into me-
Into a million sprinkles.

I stood, under the starlit sky
Letting the breeze chill me numb.
And, eyes closely shut-
I encompassed the sprinkles
Of my dream
In the dead of night,
Where eternity seemed to sing me
A lullaby sweet.

And as I opened my eyes-
I felt the billion stars
Explode in me-
A brilliant dream.

And assured my senses true-
The shooting star would have twinkled,
Somewhere in its mystic path.
My dream tucked safe, it smiled at me,
A promise, a vow shared-
Dreams do come true, Dear.
Offering me an invisible thread
To hang on to,
The shooting star vanished,
Into thin air.

Yet, why am I drenched,
With sprinkling silver star dust?


  1. Loved this too, for all the reasons that yes, Dreams do come true:)

    God Bless!!




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