Saturday, 5 January 2008

Just to meet again...

I did miss you, terribly so,

Even when you stood near me,
Long before our hourglass fell empty,
And as ever, when our gazes strayed,
In sheer depth of a sadness, unfathomable.

As I held you in my eyes,
The very final image,
Before your silhouette faded away,
I felt you tremble, slight,
In my gaze...

The longing and the pain,
The picture of you,
Silent, speechless,
Hunting for words,
To bid adieu-
I held it, in my eyes.

Afraid to let you out of sight,
I tried hard, not to blink,
Not a drop of tear, fell.
I walked away,
Not turning back...

Your picture set, in my eyes,
Vision clear, spotless images stark.
And I walked on, my lonely stroll,
Once again, the inevitable- parting ways,
Just to meet again.

To meet again, in all love,
To miss the oneness, ours,
To redeem our faith, our love,
To reawaken ourselves in each other.
Parting ways, to prove us true-

Our paths may differ,
But we culminate,
In each other,

1 comment:

  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm and Mmmmmmmmmmmm...:) What a soulful and yearning and loving write!!!




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