Saturday, 26 January 2008

Tickled In Love :)

"No, no "
I quip,
In sheer mirth, flowing.
Racing around,
Early morn blues forgotten,
Silly fights, for nothing,
I find you, grinning,
Eyes twinkling in delight.

"Don't you dare give me,
That look of yours- ever so innocent!"

I pout, ever so stern.
"Oh yeah?"
challenge brimming,
Your lips curve into a smile,
A half smile, crooked,
And I force away my smile!

Tit for tat, I retort,
Making faces, I run.
Oddly strange, our ways really are.
Childlike joys, we often share.
"Lemme see how far you'd go,
Wait till I get my hands over you"

You tell me, in menacing tones!

Laughing hard, I try to ease my way,
Away from your hold,
And then, you grin, at me,
Sheepish a smile, ever so coy.
Exasperated, I sigh!
"Never give me that look"
I warn,
Yet you smile, your I-give-up smile.

And I sit back,
Catching my breath.
Flashing my I-won-this-one grin.
And then, off the sudden,
You catch hold of me, tickling me,
Leaving me beaten, disheveled,
And I can't help, but revel, in your love!

I sit cozy, in the comfort of your arms,
Smiling hard, beaming beet red,
Breathless, with your laughter,
Tickled pink, with your love,
Blessed, with you,
Of you.

"No, no! Blessed is our love, and us!"
You whisper into my ears,
And I lie back,
In love!

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  1. Oo lucky girl...
    Your poem made me wish....

    Good yaar.. :)




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