Monday, 28 January 2008

My doppelganger

Lady, I wonder out aloud,

What is it in me,
That ain't in thou?
Contempt breeding,
Vanity, a fake attire,
You don.

Cross dressed emotions,
You lather up,
In all merry foams.

Bitter, each word you utter,
Yet well cloaked,
In layers of chicanery.

Grievous sins, on my proof sheet,
Red inks, of each tort-
I stare on, at you.
Lady, why don't thou leave?
Leave me alone,
And, let me be.

Faux pas, a bit too many,
Letting you thrive,
I count my err, to no consolation.

Reigning in me, all along,
Bad blood, of living ,
And, paying the pittance now.

Lady, why don't thou leave?
Glide away, from me,
Into thy new prey.
Let me break free, from you,
Cutting through my veins,
Let the blood spill.

Trusting, alter ego of mine, to be shed off,
I look in close, at my reflection, stark-
Twisted smile, excruciating, she flashes.

Lady, thou still dwell in me, oh , why?
When all I long is to be me, oh, me!

1 comment:

  1. I had commented on it earlier,elsewhere..just wanted to say

    you have lovely and apt images for each of your poem..makes ur blog a delight to go through.




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