Monday, 14 May 2007

walking away-2

gazing along the footsteps you traced
i still cant fathom why you have left
walking away from all my love
i wonder where did i go wrong?

loving you so deep and true
i've always tried to be by your side
coming to you early every eve
to sit and share our day's events

i've tried to be your helping hand
pouring you coffee by my own hands
cooking sunday treats just for you
your one smile could make my day!

i tried it hard to give you space
never posed any suspicious glares
for i truely had faith in my love
never knew you wanted more than me...

i saw you walking with a new man
i just smiled and waved you a hi
i saw your eyes darken,his so cold
but i failed to see the entwined hands...

i have known you to be strong
too deep and hot,burning my skin
you panted for more,never satiated
every single time we made love...

i never knew the taunting words
you'd often utter after the coupling
were so deprooted in your soul
alas! i wonder have you ever loved me?

walking away from me tonight
you have taken along,a part of me
a thread of love still connects
my soul to you,bound by love

you may find any man to turn you on
please your body,delight your psyche
weave aphrodisiacal magic for you
but never love you more than i do..

i wonder why i could never try
to let you know my true worth
nymphmaniac i knew you were
yet i loved you with all my heart

no tears,no pain,no guilt
just smiles and eyes stoned in lust
i just want you to know,my love
years down the lane,only love'd prevail

and you'd realize it someday
you need a man who'd love your scars
a man who'd love your crinkled skin
every flab,every blemish,every part of you!

1 comment:

  1. Amazing.. Again the true love.. the ideal love.. the romantic love.. Loved the last few stanzas, where you say, the practical love fails..




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