Sunday, 29 June 2008

Tinsel Town

The tinsel town
Glittered her charm.
And lured
A trap.

Dainty dreams
A glow. Enigmatic.

Sprinkles of star dust
Twinkling nights
And misty morns,

Fabricated a lie,
They did.
Dressed in brightest blue-
A brocade adorned,
Precious white lies?

White? No.

Duffel bag of my dreams,
I carried along.
Fastened with my love,
The very true me.

Ripped open, my bag-
Over, and over.
Dark hands pounced,
And tore apart,
Scattering my dreams
All over.

Held the battered pieces,
Tried to darn them anew.

Shoved my dreams,
Once again,
Into the parched rag-

Yet, breathing.
Once again, I carry it on-

To the tinsel town,
Where dangling stars wink,
And floating dreams shine.

Where I'll start off,
With a lie, all mine-



  1. Highly metaphorical this one Sashu.And expressions are at their peak as is expected from you.I liked the concept with which you played with the shade of colors ,blue ,grey ,white ..the expressions --'dangling stars' ,'floating dreams' .Beautifully and effectively used.Reminds me of Citylights

    This one ,though having a not so uncommon theme ,shines with bright new light of poetry.Thanks to you.

  2. Sash,this is definitely one of your best,atleast I like it so!!!
    Love this one for the colors,the imagery,the tinge of positivity and the ever so dexterously and wisely used words.
    The ending has a shade(subtle???)of optimism,that all at once overpowers the despair previously described.Very very evocative and spirited:):)
    God Bless:)

  3. 'Fabricated a lie'

    such a paradox, the way everything is veiled for an actor, to act off everything in life, he lives his role, in real. The bag part was awesome Sash. Deep and painstakingly true. :)

  4. Loved the way its knitted with beautiful (colorful) metaphors..:)
    and moreso the eclectic use of words..nicely shaded art, this Sash..:)

    And yes the tinsel town of didactics ,this!

  5. Very poignant! And very mature too, the way you have handled the theme, and executed with intimacy, and panache!

    A beautiful poem!




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