Thursday, 22 February 2007


across me i could see
a shining face,so full of life
belladona!thy name i adorned
beautiful lady! i smiled..

the raindrops lashing onto her face
the locks of golden hair
swaying with the breeze
falling upon her river deep eyes..

ah!i felt i could go on till eternity
the slender fingers trying in vain
to keep away her curly locks
from the raging winds that blew..

i felt so much in awe
i wanted to rush to her aid
to promise her through and through
that i'd be there for her..

vulnerable,i felt she was so frail
how much i longed to hold her close
and kiss her eyes,so pained they seemed
i could feel the pain crushing my soul...

i looked for the thorns on her feet
for i could feel the trickling of blood
from the wounds so deep,so well-covered
with her smile and gracious charms

yet i could feel the pain, one by one
lynching at her soul, ripping her apart..
i wanted to take her in my arms..
and shout to the world "she is mine"

gently i awoke from my reviere, so surreal..
turning once more to bore into her eyes
and i found myself staring into the hollow..
the seat so bare,yet ever fragrant in her memory..

and i couldnt help but wonder...
hey belladona..are you real?
or are you a part of me..
a dream, a stirring fantasy???

1 comment:

  1. really graet works...... im not mentioning for just this one.... but all of them and especially this.....

    its been a pleasure after a long time to read such moving poems




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