Thursday, 29 March 2007


little drops
of heavenly dew
i long to find you shine
within myself in forever glee
i long to have you
within my tender soul
i try hard to stay still
with my hands outstretched
all i long is for you to befall
a drop of mercy to raise me
from the deepest of my griefs
a fleeting joy even would do
for i find myself in thirst
i wish i could find solace in you
i wish i could have you shower
your tears of love all over me
all i need is manna from thee
manna...the heavenly blessing!


  1. yeh Manna Khon hai kyaa?? ;) hehe hehe

  2. what is this "manna" u are talking abt??
    Is it some other language than english!!

  3. manna means biblical food was enuff for noah to feed al disciples.. itz a heavenly name for food!




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