Monday, 5 March 2007

Waiting for...

True to my word,
i am waiting,
for you to return...
each day i live on,
with your fondest memories,
the warm smile of yours,
the gentle touch of yours,
crazy jokes,
which often could make my day...
walking across the shores,
hand in hand,
matching each step...
the cuddling togethers,
the happy dinners together,
the silent embraces with your glance...
ah! heaven!
am still waiting,
for you to return to me,
for i know,
what we shared was not a game,
it was special,ever so much...
and i believe with all my soul
we are meant to be together,
someday for sure...
and i'll be waiting for you...


  1. Very sweet & tender ..
    My feeling & words for my love

  2. u really write well...with real feelin...keep up the gud work




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