Monday, 5 March 2007


the white satin gown ever so glowing
with all the lace and frills anew
the drops of diamonds and rubies
shining across my neck so slender..

the white soft gloves over my hands
and the large bouquet of roses i hold,
the flimsy viel falling over my eyes
and my golden locks swaying with the breeze!

ah! as i walk down the aisle,
i have known no joy greater than now
to see my man in the finest suit
waiting for me,with a smile so fresh!

i can see the many smiling glances
with silent prayers and blessings,
to bestow upon the bride and groom
can't believe, its for him and me!

the flowers so fragrant filling the air
the red flowing carpet down the aisle
i cherish each step of mine i take forward
to stand beside the man of my life...

the holy joe conducting our best ceremony
the vows of love being taken in all glee
the blessings of our near and dear ones!
ah!i could capture this moment, till eternity!

now, as i see the love in his eyes,
the warmth in his touch so tender,
as we walk down the aisle as man and wife,
i know how it feels to be cinderella!


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  2. This is your best work as far as I am concerned. A real classy poem beyond any doubt!




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