Monday, 5 March 2007


I saw you for the very first time
your smile so genuine
and i couldn't help but smile!

i saw you sway along in glee
with the gale ever so fresh
and i knew no prettier sight!

the graceful charm of yours
the tender soul so bright
beautiful!only this could describe you!

the reflections of yours
across the placid lake so pure
soothing the many souls like mine!

ah! as the rain drops fall
over your tender self
i cant help but worry for you..

for i can no longer see
your timeless reflection so dear
from across the ripples in the lake!

i can feel the weight hanging on
burdening your slender self, your petals so white
the brutal rains,hurting you,my dear one!

ah little lily! the gale lynches over you
the rain unleashes its fury on you are so beautiful..for you are you!

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