Thursday, 22 March 2007

Her hazel eyes...

"'t pull me so deep"
i wish to plead
as i lock eyes with her
i can feel her hazel eyes
probing deep into myself
i feel am being stripped
outta my mere existence..
i feel choked,short of breath
words fail me as never
a shiver chills me
and i know i need to run,
away from her gaze
but my limbs seem immobilised
all i can do is stare..
stare into her pretty eyes...

i can unravel within her eyes
oceans of an unknown kind
a thousand mysteries
caving paths so untrodden
a few so new and bright
a few still barren and dark..
i longed to tow myself
along the mystery land..
and i wish she'd lead me in
to help me aid her
in finding her true self...

now as i look back
i can see her eyes so deep
the gentle smile of hers
lingering on her pink petal lips
and i long to speak...
to tell her a million tales,
to show her a zillion dreams,
to feel her lovin touch,
to hold her close and smile,
to kiss her tears away,
to weave magic just for her...

but everytime i look
into her hazel eyes so deep
i lose myself..
i lose my words...
my longings..
for all i can think of,
is to sink deep down,
lose myself to her..
to melt away in her gaze...
to be the lingering smile of hers...

1 comment:

  1. amazing write up....
    read sm of urs on orkut too. u hv an enchanting way of putting feelings across




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