Thursday, 22 March 2007


am walking..

walking all alone
with no one to hold on to
a clear sky,no hail or rain
i wish life would have been
so much more melodramatic..
the skies shedding tears for me
the clouds darkening to a shade of dusk
the storm showing off its fury
the earth being shaken up in terror..
how i wish it'd be so
for now,as i walk on
no soul longs for my return
no being to hold me back,
to ask me to stop,beg me to come back...

and i long for some tears
i dread the lonely farewells
having had to say goodbye to none
except the four walls of my room
where i had been a dweller for long
i feel so bare,naked to my soul
and i wish to be warm..

am walking..
not knowing where to,
am still walking,
in search of being wanted..
a place which would welcome me
with smiles and tears
nostalgic memories revived,
i wanna be a part
of a melodramatic world,
where i'd be the hero
and the whole world'd look upon me...

and am walking...
still walking...
in a quest for being special...
still walking..walking till i tire...

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