Saturday, 3 November 2007

Kissing Till Dizzy ;)

I felt butterflies in my tummy,
As I held my gaze, straight,
Piercing into his, melting.
A naughty smile played on,
At the corner of his lips, soft.
I felt my self blush, beet red,
In anticipation, or is it desire?

I felt my eyes, shy away,
Refusing to lock glances again,
And words fumbled out of me,
A vehement try to shift the scenario.
His coal black eyes winked at me,
And I felt myself smile back, so coy,
Sharing the twinkling smile of my eyes.

I never noticed, us being so close,
His breath grazed at my soft skin,
And I felt his musk, my heads spinning.
My eyes dipped into his loving eyes,
And I felt myself lost, hypnotised, sinking.
Love, radiating from his eyes, seeped into me,
Gyrating in mine, whirlpools of desire.

Ever so gentle, his lips touched mine,
Petal soft, the tender touch, the loving feel.
Gentling pulling at my lips, tugging on,
I felt his breath warming my soul, deep,
And I felt my knees go wobbly, magnetised,
Boring into his eyes, I felt myself slip away,
And I felt dizzy, so dizzy, falling in deep, into oblivion.

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  1. beautiful :-)....a kiss on the poet's cheeks....and nowhere near the lips ;)




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